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How to describe a photo for the Duolingo English Test

Hi Friends, Teacher Luke here,

Did you know that you need to describe 4 photos on the Duolingo English Test? 

  • 3 Write About the Photo
  • 1 Speak About the Photo

So, being able to describe a photo well is essential to getting a good score.

But, what should you write or say? And, how can you organize your answer? 

👇 Here are some ideas (for Write About the Photo)


General overview. Write what the photo is mainly about.
Example: This is a photo of a soccer fan in a large stadium. 

Who is doing what? Write about the actions of the main subjects in the photo.
Example: He is holding a flag over his head and cheering his team.

What is where? Write about the location of the objects in the photo.
Example: He is standing near the field and there are more fans in front of him.

Speculate. Make a guess about what is happening.
Example: This photo was probably taken during a World Cup match.

Note: You only have 60 seconds, so you cannot write 4 sentences like the ones above. I’m showing you these sentences to give you some ideas.

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