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Top 10 tips for your Duolingo English Test

Hi Friends, Teacher Luke here,

As your Duolingo English Test score can open the doors to your future, the question becomes how can you best prepare for this important test? 

Today, I’m going to share 10 useful tips to help you study for the Duolingo English Test.

Top 10 Tips – Achieve a high Duolingo English Test score

  1. Know all the different questions types: The DET has 10 graded questions and 2 ungraded interview questions.
  2. Do timed practice questions: My practice platform is great for this!
  3. Read in English every day: This will help with the “Read and Complete” questions.
  4. Practice typing: The time limit for the writing questions is very short so learn to type quickly.
  5. Don’t ignore grammar and punctuation!
  6. Learn a structure to answer the writing questions: My writing courses teach you this!
  7. Make sure your speaking and writing answers are related to the topic or photo.
  8. Don’t select words you don’t know on the vocabulary questions.
  9. Understand the subscores:
  10. Write and speak for a long as you can but make sure your sentences are grammatically correct.

Do you want to study more with me?
Here’s how:

1 – Practice Platform:
Sign up for free. Practice all the 10 question types on the Duolingo Test and see the correct answers immediately. Works great on your computer and phone!

2 – Writing courses:
Writing about the topic (50+ words) course:
Writing about the photo course:

3- Speaking courses: Coming soon 😎

Keep on learning!

Teacher Luke

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