Duolingo Test Rules

Duolingo Test Rules You Must Follow

This article is all about the rules you need to follow when taking the Duolingo English Test. 

Because this test is taken online from your computer, you need to make sure to have everything set up and follow the rules to avoid being disqualified. 

👇 Below are the important points you need to know

Prepare your test environment

Make sure you have the following points:

  • A government-issued photo ID (E.g. password, national ID card)
  • A quiet room with nobody except you in it
  • A well-lit room so that your face can be seen clearly
  • About 1 hour of uninterrupted time; make sure no one enters the room
  • A computer plus a working microphone, speakers, and camera
  • A stable internet connection

Follow the Rules 

The 14 rules are presented neatly here–> Test Rules
But, the main ones in my opinion are: 

  • Be alone in a quiet room
  • Don’t use any notes or your phone
  • Make sure your ears are visible 
  • Don’t look away from the screen (keyboard is ok)
  • Don’t memorize answers 
  • Don’t use another person’s name or ID card 

Common questions I receive

  1. Can I look down at my keyboard? Yes, you can look at the keyboard. 
  2. Can I use external speakers, keyboard, or webcam? Yes, you can.
  3. Can I use Grammarly? No, you can’t.
  4. Can I memorize my answers? No, you can’t. 
  5. Do I have to answer the interview questions? Yes, you do.
  6. Can I take the test on my phone? No, you can’t.
  7. Can I make two accounts with different email addresses? No, definitely not.

If you have any specific questions, you can use Duolingo’s live chat on the test website.

I made a video about the rules here: https://youtu.be/IyDWEicgCSU

Duolingo English Test rules to follow

Do you want to study more with me?

Here’s how:

1 – Practice Platform: www.practice.detready.com
Sign up for free. Practice all the 10 question types on the Duolingo Test and see the correct answers immediately. Works great on your computer and phone!

2 – Writing courses:
Writing about the topic (50+ words) course: https://bit.ly/duolingo50words
Writing about the photo course: https://bit.ly/duolingotestphoto

3- Speaking courses: Coming soon 😎

Keep on learning!

Teacher Luke

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